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Pam Troje walked into a networking meeting, and my life, four years ago. It was right about that time we had both made career transitions--I had recently left my full-time job to officially launch my photography business I'd been working on for four years, and she was transitioning into her career as a real estate agent with Edina Realty in Lakeville. 

Not too long after that, Pam became our realtor and ever-so-patiently helped us find the perfect home for our family of four that also houses my Farmington photography studio! 

I can't say enough good things about our experience with Pam. She was incredibly patient and knowledgeable, and helped us navigate the hot real estate market while I was trudging through the first tiring and nauseating trimester of my pregnancy with our daughter. Pam's teen daughter, Grace, would tag along for showings and keep an eye on our then only child Lincoln. We quickly fell in love with the Trojes! 

Grace has since become our go-to babysitter for our two kiddos, and Pam and I stay connected through our businesses. They have been rays of sunshine in our life and we're so very appreciative of both of them. 

Troje FamilyPam and Grace Troje

It had been more than a decade since the Trojes had had family photos taken and Pam was feeling that a family photo session was long overdue. Their daughter Maddi's impending wedding was just the nudge they needed to capture their family of four (+ Rosie the pup) before they officially welcome their soon-to-be son-in-law Chris to their crew. 

Troje FamilyGrace, Pam, Tim, Maddi and Rosie

We met up on a beautiful evening at Lebanon Hills Regional Park Visitor's Center in Eagan and captured them all just how they are--a smile-filled family of four on the verge of Maddi branching off to create another family.

Maddi EngelMaddi and Rosie

Maddi Engel and Grace TrojeSisters Maddi and Grace

Grace TrojeGrace and Rosie Pam and Tim TrojePam and Tim Troje


Today also happens to be Pam's birthday, and I'm so happy to say today is picture-delivery day for them too! Happiest of birthdays to my friend Pam!

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Christmas Mini Sessions to be held in Dubuque and Farmington Studios http://www.stressfreelphotography.com/blog/2017/10/christmas-mini-sessions-to-be-held-in-dubuque-and-farmington-studios Christmas Mini Session Cover PhotoFarmington Photographer Christmas Mini Sessions in studio Who's ready for some good old fashion sweet Christmas photos?!?! Christmas Mini Sessions are being held in the warmth of both the Dubuque and Farmington studios this year! Snuggle up for some cute family photos or photos of just the kiddos in this winter setting. I'm happy to be taking some of the Christmas card responsibility off your shoulders this year too! Here are the details (but first, a nice smile from this little cutie)...

21Lincoln and Maddie Christmas 2017 tree backdrop21Lincoln and Maddie Christmas 2017 tree backdrop


~ 15 minutes
~ Up to 4 kiddos OR 2 adults and 2 kiddos (just because more just won't fit on the backdrop/floordrop--sorry)
~ Vintage car, plaid wool blanket, white chair, and no-prop shots too!
~ Includes 4 of your favorite images with print release (additional available for purchase)
~ Includes 50 Christmas cards (additional also available for purchase)! You pick from 1 of 90 designs! They're 1 or 2-sided flat cards that will be printed on heavy white paper and include white envelopes. You tell me which of your images you'd like included, then I design them, you approve, I order and they show up at your door! Easy peasy and high-quality

Availability below (but first, a smile from this handsome young man)...

39Lincoln and Maddie Christmas 2017 tree backdropFarmington Photographer Christmas Mini Sessions in studio FARMINGTON SESSIONS
Saturday, Nov. 18 
9:00 a.m. - Amanda 
9:30 - Jennifer
10:00 - Marie

Saturday, Nov. 25 
10:45 a.m. - Michelle
11:45 - Justine
12:45 - Kari
1:30 - Molly

To book, contact me with your email address and the time you'd like. I'll send you an invoice for your $50 non-refundable retainer, payment of which will lock in your spot. Your $165 balance will be due by cash or check at your session.

Christmas Mini Photo Session Farmington MN studio

I'm looking forward to capturing you and/or your kiddos and helping you with your Christmas cards this year!


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L. Photography's Trip to Philip and Janelle's Pumpkin Patch http://www.stressfreelphotography.com/blog/2017/10/l-photographys-trip-to-philip-and-janelle-s-pumpkin-patch Last fall, my 4-year-old friend Philip was looking to gift people pumpkins from his bumper crop. I was so excited to stop by his house and pay him with Smarties and some cash for his piggy bank. I encouraged him to keep the money safe and use it to buy seeds to plant his 2017 crop. 

I got a front-row seat to the 2017 crop when Philip and Janelle's mom Angie asked me to do a session for them in their pumpkin patch out on her home farm. Ahhhhh! I was so excited! And I'm just delighted to share this precious little sunset session with you all... 


Philip and JanellePhilip and JanellePhilip and Janelle

JanelleJanelleJanelle PhilipPhilip




Philip and Janelle with their pumpkinsPhilip and Janelle with their pumpkinsPhilip and Janelle with their pumpkins JanelleJanelleJanelle

PhilipPhilipPhilip Thanks so very much, Angie, for inviting me to capture your cuties once again! It was the perfect setting, on the perfect day, with perfect smiles :) 

Happy fall, ya'll!    




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Shooting my first full-scale wedding-- The Thomas' rustic outdoor Minnesota wedding http://www.stressfreelphotography.com/blog/2017/9/shooting-my-first-full-scale-wedding---the-thomas-rustic-outdoor-minnesota-wedding Sarah and Paul ThomasSarah and Paul Thomas--the bride and groomSarah and Paul Thomas

I've been photographing kids and families for 7 years. I've narrowly escaped photographing full-scale weddings more times than I can count. For years, I’ve gifted friends photographic coverage of their wedding day before their photographer is contracted to arrive. I’ve photographed a court house wedding on a Friday afternoon that had a guest list of 15 (Shout out to Jenna and Zach!). I’ve photographed a wedding with two attendants that took place in the basement of a restaurant (Shout out to Angie and Adam!). While these weddings have been public declarations of a couple’s commitment to one another and the legal binding of two individuals that I hold near and dear, a photographer’s tasks, the technicalities, and their artistic expression are much different than a full-scale wedding with a large bridal party, guest list and venue. The “job” is different.

I dipped my toes a little deeper in the wedding waters earlier this summer when I second shot for the wedding of a volleyball friend. It didn’t make me want to run the other way (Thanks for being awesome, Autumn, Kelli and Scott)! Then there’s Sarah and Paul…

I’ve played volleyball with Sarah and Paul for much of the time I’ve lived in the Twin Cities (10 years and counting). They began twisting my arm to photograph their wedding the first time I saw them after their romantic, rose-petal and candle-light-filled proposal that was complete with a big red ring pop :)

I’d already begun considering shooting weddings more seriously for a few reasons:
1) Equipment.
I now have the two lenses that are critical for a wedding photographer to have in their arsenal. I’ve used them enough in my kids and family sessions to be comfortable with how to make them perform for me. I’m also more comfortable with the lighting equipment to illuminate dark receptions.

2) Confidence. Every wedding photographer owes it to their brides and grooms to just know that they won’t botch an important shot at an important moment (e.g. the first kiss, which can’t be redone). I’ve been a photographer for long enough now that I can provide this confidence to brides and grooms. I still fear a memory card failing, but that’s a risk that even the big dogs face. Thank goodness my camera has dual card slots to help mitigate that risk! Frequent back-ups and switching cards out helps me feel more confident too. 

3) The people. This is probably the most important one. It’s one of the biggest reasons I’m a photographer. While people hire me to produce art, the experience I provide and the emotions and moments I capture are really all about the people. Spreading joy to people is my mission, and photography is the perfect way for me to live this out. People have been inquiring with me about weddings for years, regardless of the fact that there are NO wedding photos in my portfolio and no wedding packages listed on my website (and this is still the case). I just gratefully sent those people along to my favorite wedding photographer friends. But, more and more inquiries were coming from couples that I know and really really care about, and I started feeling really drawn to capture their special day. 

Paul and Sarah were originally planning a September 16 wedding, but I told them I wouldn’t be able to photograph that weekend since it was my sister’s bridal shower in Iowa. They didn’t let me off the hook that easy—they just changed their wedding date to September 23.

So, the stars and planets finally aligned for me to photograph a full-scale wedding as the lead/solo photographer. We made it all official with a prep meeting, a lawyer-drafted contract run-through and signing, a shot list, and schedule coordination.  Without further ado... Drum roll please!!!...

02 S Thomas Wedding Sneak Peek by L. Photography Twin Cities Wedding Photographer 201702 S Thomas Wedding Sneak Peek by L. Photography Twin Cities Wedding Photographer 2017
Sarah and Paul’s outdoor wedding was held on a beautiful private property just outside of Chatfield, MN that is lovingly known as Bucksnort. They absolutely transformed this rustic, picturesque setting (complete with a dam!) into a charming party-perfect property. The details, you guys! Seriously! Paul and Sarah thought of everything, and they had great people to help them execute! 

The rings, centerpieces and bouquet The rings, centerpieces and bouquet The rings, centerpieces and bouquet They even decorated a few trees on the propertyThey even decorated a few trees on the propertyThey even decorated a few trees on the property

Paul designed and made this sign to hang on the barn they'd transformed into a bar. The sign even illuminated!

Paul designed and made this sign to hang on the barn they'd transformed into a bar. The sign even illuminated!Paul designed and made this sign to hang on the barn they'd transformed into a bar. The sign even illuminated!Paul designed and made this sign to hang on the barn they'd transformed into a bar. The sign even illuminated!

Becca was one of the rockstars of the dayBecca was one of the rockstars of the dayBecca was one of the rockstars of the day

Sarah and Paul’s first look was precious! Sarah approached with a tissue in hand... 

Paul and Sarah's first lookPaul and Sarah's first lookPaul and Sarah's first look

and Paul laughed when he could hear Sarah “already crying” before the ceremony. 
Paul laughing because he could hear that Sarah was "already crying" before the ceremony.Paul laughing because he could hear that Sarah was "already crying" before the ceremony.

Their wedding party was so very kind, FUN and thoughtful—a perfect reflection of Sarah and Paul. (I play volleyball with a few of these guys too. It was fun to see them all cleaned up!)

Wedding partyWedding partyWedding party BridesmaidsBridesmaidsBridesmaids Sarah and bridesmaid ChelseaSarah and bridesmaid ChelseaSarah and bridesmaid Chelsea GroomsmenGroomsmenGroomsmen

Their families were too sweet!

Sarah's familySarah's familySarah's family Paul's familyPaul's family Sarah credits her grandma’s prayers for the beautiful 89 degree late-September day we had. There were tears of gratitude and joy! Thanks, Grandma! 

Sarah thanks her Grandma--her "prayer warrior"Sarah thanks her Grandma--her "prayer warrior"Sarah thanks her Grandma--her "prayer warrior" And thanks to Sarah and Paul for being so persistent and insistent, and being confident in me before I was in myself. I owe you, and love you! I couldn’t have imagined a more perfect first full-scale wedding to photograph all by myself (well, I could have done without those nice blue port-a-potties that kept photobombing us, BUT, they did make for some fun shots too)!

Bridemaids help Sarah with her pit stop before the ceremonyBridemaids help Sarah with her pit stop before the ceremonyBridemaids help Sarah with her pit stop before the ceremony
Be sure to like my Facebook page to see more of Sarah and Paul’s special celebration!

And, if you're wondering if I'll photograph your wedding, the answer has officially become "MAYBE." I’m not diving into the deep end of the ocean here, but let’s talk

<3 Lindsey

P.S. Have I mentioned that I’m still exploring a shift in my editing style? Sarah and Paul's photos are edited with a bit different effect than what you’ve seen in my previous work. I figured since I was already out on a limb shooting a wedding, I might as well stay out there when editing too ;)

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The Koos Family's Final Photo Session http://www.stressfreelphotography.com/blog/2017/9/the-koos-familys-final-photo-session Koos Family Session 2017 by L. Photography Dubuque Family PhotographerKoos Family August 2017 Saturday, Aug. 26, 2017 was much like all the other annual summer photo sessions out on the Dale and Jenny Koos farm just outside of Dubuque. I captured the family of four in their pasture with their cattle grazing in the background. The kids let the chickens out and danced around them as I snapped away. The kids showed me all around the cattle chute and barn they'd built since I was on their farm for their session last summer. We stopped for photos next to the pigs, and swatted the goat away as he photobombed a family shot. We even got a shot of just mom and dad together when the kids ran off after a family shot and Dale jokingly said, "God forbid we'd get a picture of me and mom." The fun- and love-filled session ended with goodbye hugs and Smarties.

This was their last photo session as a family of four. A day and a half later, the 37-year-old father unexpectedly took his final breaths out on the farm he so dearly loved.

Koos Family Session 2017 by L. Photography Dubuque Family PhotographerDale and Jenny Koos Family August 2017

Dale and Jenny Koos 2017 by L. Photography Dubuque Family PhotographerDale and Jenny Koos 2017 by L. Photography Dubuque Family Photographer Dale and Jenny Koos 2017 by L. Photography Dubuque Family PhotographerDale and Jenny Koos 2017 by L. Photography Dubuque Family PhotographerDale and Jenny Koos 2017 by L. Photography Dubuque Family Photographer

Today, my heart is in Iowa while my body feels stuck in Minnesota as services begin for my long-time loyal L. Photogi and friend, Dale Koos.

I began photographing Dale the day he married my childhood neighbor and friend, Jenny Weber. Because I was always invited out to Dale and Jenny's farm for their sessions, I feel like I always got to see Dale in his true element--surrounded not just by the people he loved most, but the place and things he loved most too. He was a loving and helpful father and husband who cherished his farm, animals, Case IH, and trucking--all things I feel so blessed to have been able to capture in photos for them to hold on to.

Dale and Jayeden Koos 2016Dale and Jayeden Koos 2016 31 Koos Fall 2016 by L. PhotographyDale and Justin Koos 2016Dale and Justin Koos 2016 Dale, Jayeden and Justin Koos 2016Dale, Jayeden and Justin Koos 2016

Koos Family 2016 by L. PhotographyKoos Family 2016 by L. PhotographyKoos Family 2016 by L. Photography (And one photo in color, because what good is a tractor brand loyalty photo if you can't see the color :)) 

Dale and Jenny Koos Family 2015Dale and Jenny Koos Family 2015Dale and Jenny Koos Family 2015

Dale and Jayeden Koos with Dale's truckDale and Jayeden Koos with Dale's truckDale and Jayeden Koos with Dale's truck

Jenny, Dale and Jayeden Koos 2014 by L. PhotographyJenny, Dale and Jayeden Koos 2014 by L. Photography

Jenny, Dale and Jayeden Koos 2014 by L. PhotographyJenny, Dale and Jayeden Koos 2014 by L. Photography

And back where it all began...

Dale and Jenny Koos Wedding 2011Dale and Jenny Koos Wedding 2011Dale and Jenny Koos Wedding 2011

Friends, take photos with those you love--you might never know when it'll be your last photo with or of them. Remember to take photos of just mom and dad, even when the kids are cute enough to steal the whole show. Just take photos. And, always share your smile--you just never know who may need it.  

Dale, Rest easy--in a place where the weight of the world is gone, you can smile your great smile, and you can keep watch over the beautiful family you created on Earth. Until we meet again, my friend! 

Jenny, All my love to you today, and always! I look forward to wrapping you and the boys in hugs again very soon! Until then, remember to put one foot in front of the other. 

All the Webers, I'm thinking of you all and SO wish I could be there today to see and hug each of you. Please know I'm sending all my love from Minnesota. 

Ron and Barb Weber familyRon and Barb Weber family by L. Photography Dubuque family photographerRon and Barb Weber family 2015


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Being fans of one another http://www.stressfreelphotography.com/blog/2017/8/being-fans-of-one-another To say I'm a big fan of this family would be a mild understatement. The Goerdts mean everything to me. 

Goerdt Family 2017 by L. Photography Dubuque Family PhotographerGoerdt Family 2017 by L. Photography Dubuque Family Photographer

Paula is my Godmother and #1 fan (outside of my immediate family, of course, 'cause they love me a lot, right guys? :P)  She and Tim have been my biggest supporters for as long as I can remember! They're the ones who hugged me and let me shed tears and lay it all out there when I had my heart broken for the first time (when I was too cool to hear from my parents the same things they were saying :)). They continue to provide great perspectives, encouraging words and prayers through the challenges of marriage, parenthood and living away from "home." 

Goerdt Family 2017 by L. Photography Dubuque Family PhotographerGoerdt Family 2017 by L. Photography Dubuque Family Photographer
Just as importantly, they've been there to celebrate with me and cheer me on when I met and married my hubby, we had our babies, I launched my business, and everything joyful in-between! They're always doing things--big and small--to let me know they're there.  

Paula is the first person to like and comment on every photo I post on my L. Photography page--simple but meaningful reminders that she's my fan. She refers people to me and had me do Kyle's senior photos, which probably calls for a little throwback here...

Kyle Goerdt Senior Photo L. Photography Dubuque PhotographerKyle Goerdt Senior Photo L. Photography Dubuque Photographer

Kyle Goerdt Senior Photo L. Photography Dubuque PhotographerKyle Goerdt Senior Photo L. Photography Dubuque Photographer So, it was a great honor and pleasure to do this photo session for them, especially during a time when they've hit a little bump in the road. They're a good reminder that, through it all, LIFE AND LAUGHTER ARE BEAUTIFUL, especially when you have great fans by your side. 

Goerdt Family 2017 by L. Photography Dubuque Family PhotographerGoerdt Family 2017 by L. Photography Dubuque Family Photographer I'm so glad I was able to capture you guys to remember THIS time in your lives...before there are brides, and grandbabies, and healthier days. I enjoyed your family photo session in the Millwork District! Thanks for the photo fun in Dubuque! Please remember you are loved and appreciated. Keep smiling, laughing, and being EXACTLY who you are! You are a great family. Thanks to each of you for being you!

Goerdt Family 2017 by L. Photography Dubuque Family PhotographerGoerdt Family 2017 by L. Photography Dubuque Family Photographer

<3 Your fan (who may or may not have cried while writing this), 


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It's a Small World Afterall http://www.stressfreelphotography.com/blog/2017/6/its-a-small-world-afterall Just when you think you know everyone in your tight-knit small town Iowa community, up pops someone new. Amy popped up last fall when she emailed inquiring about me coming out to her and her family's rural Iowa farm to do their family photo session.

Through our interactions, we discovered that she kickboxes with my parents at the Rec Center in Dyersville, my childhood neighbors are her cousins/aunt/uncle, I dated her cousin in high school, I photograph her cousins, and the list goes on and on... We were like long-lost pals. :)

Having grown up a farm girl, photographing on farms comes really naturally to me, so I was SUPER excited for their session.

As I drove down their dusty gravel road and approached their farm, I couldn't help but be inspired by the sun beginning to set behind the cows grazing in their pasture. Luckily Amy, Bob and Libby were up for a little hike out to their pasture (being sure to avoid the cow pies, of course).

These are my favorite 3 images from their super fun gallery...

04 Hageman Family 2017 L. Photography Dubuque Family PhotographerBob, Libby and Amy Hageman on their New Vienna, Iowa farm

06 Hageman Family 2017 L. Photography Dubuque Family Photographerb06 Hageman Family 2017 L. Photography Dubuque Family PhotographerbBob, Amy and Libby Hageman on their New Vienna, Iowa farm

12 Hageman Family 2017 L. Photography Dubuque Family Photographer12 Hageman Family 2017 L. Photography Dubuque Family PhotographerBob and Amy Hageman on their New Vienna, Iowa farm Thanks so very much, Amy, for asking me to do this for you guys! I enjoyed meeting you three! Thanks for the reminder that we're all connected in some way, shape or form! It warmed my heart <3 :)

lbrownschieffer@gmail.com (L. Photography) Dubuque photographer family photographer http://www.stressfreelphotography.com/blog/2017/6/its-a-small-world-afterall Wed, 28 Jun 2017 19:47:36 GMT
Father's Day--Holding babies for the first time http://www.stressfreelphotography.com/blog/2017/6/fathers-day--holding-babies-for-the-first-time This is a photo of the first time my husband, Chris, held our daughter, Maddie Mae. Maybe the most telling part of the image is the view of the clock over their heads and where its hands point. It indicates that Chris held Maddie in our hospital room within the first hour after birth. 

Maddie and ChrisPhoto by Emily Neubarth of Essence Photography
*Photo of Chris and Maddie by Emily Neubarth of Essence Photography

In contrast, these are photos of RJ Sirek holding his son Zander for the first time. Zander was nearly 4 months old and they were at the MSP airport after RJ returned from his 3rd overseas deployment. Aleecia Sirek raised her and RJ's two boys while pregnant and then gave birth to and cared for their third son while RJ was overseas, qualifying her for superhero status too! 

85Sirek Deployment Homecoming March 2017 by L. Photography85Sirek Deployment Homecoming March 2017 by L. Photography 104 Sirek Homecoming March 2017104 Sirek Homecoming March 2017 106Sirek Deployment Homecoming March 2017 by L. Photography106Sirek Deployment Homecoming March 2017 by L. Photography 127 Sirek Homecoming March 2017127 Sirek Homecoming March 2017 132 Sirek Homecoming March 2017132 Sirek Homecoming March 2017 161Sirek Deployment Homecoming March 2017 by L. Photography161Sirek Deployment Homecoming March 2017 by L. Photography

It's so easy to take things for granted, and there was nothing like this military homecoming I was able to photograph earlier this year to remind me of all of those little and big things. 

Enjoy having all three of your boys in your arms this Father's Day, RJ--you are so deserving! And, THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE TO OUR COUNTRY! I'm also super appreciative of Aleecia and her boys for the sacrifices they've made so RJ can live a life of service to our country.

Here are a few more photos of RJ's homecoming just to show just how much he is loved :)

Sirek Military Homecoming by L. Photography Sirek Military Homecoming by L. Photography Sirek Military Homecoming by L. Photography Sirek Military Homecoming by L. Photography Sirek Military Homecoming by L. Photography Sirek Military Homecoming by L. Photography Sirek Military Homecoming by L. Photography Sirek Military Homecoming by L. Photography

I'm also super grateful for my hubby Chris who is a superhero father in his own right. He so awesomely juggles serving our veterans as a physical therapist at the VA Hospital in Minneapolis with being a super involved and loving father and husband. Happy Father's Day to you too, Chris! 

And, to all the dads who have the ability to hold their babies right after birth and to those whose circumstances prevent them from being present in that moment, cheers to you! Enjoy your special day!


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Banana Cream Pie Smash http://www.stressfreelphotography.com/blog/2017/6/banana-cream-pie-smash Knowing Easton's family leans a little on the healthier side, I knew I had a great opportunity to make his one year photo session a little non-traditional when it came to the "cake smash." I asked Leslie about Easton's favorite food and it turns out he's a banana-loving monkey! So, a homemade banana cream pie smash it was... 

Banana cream pie cake smash 1

Banana cream pie cake smash 2 Easton 3Easton 3

And, of course, to end his time with the pie smash, he sunk his little teeth into the peel to get at the banana :)

Easton 5Easton 5

Banana cream pie cake smash 4

Excellent job on the cute little pie, Leslie, and cheers to you and Mike for raising a handsome little brown-eyed-boy who is ONE year old! Enjoy year two with your little monkey. Thanks a million for being such loyal L. Photogis!

Much love <3


lbrownschieffer@gmail.com (L. Photography) Farmington photographer Twin Cities children's photographer Twin Cities photographer cake smash creative cake smashes first year pictures one year photo session photographer http://www.stressfreelphotography.com/blog/2017/6/banana-cream-pie-smash Fri, 09 Jun 2017 14:00:36 GMT
A White Christmas--The Schmitt Family Photo Session http://www.stressfreelphotography.com/blog/2016/12/a-white-christmas--the-schmitt-family-photo-session 25 Schmitt family 2016 by L. PhotographySchmitt family 2016 by L. PhotographyThe Schmitt/Fairchild Family

I'd arrived at Sara, Kyle and Harrison's house in Savage where Sara's family was gathered for their family Christmas and photo session. I'd prepared for an indoor session since not many people jump at the chance to hang out outside in Minnesota without coats on at the end of December, and I usually spend November-April doing studio sessions.

I walked in to the beautifully decorated home with tall ceilings, big windows, the warm glow of the Christmas tree lights, and the gorgeous family gathered around the food-filled kitchen island. The photos were bound to be beautiful! And then they said they wanted to go outside!

I wasn't sure which was more beautiful--the inside of the house or the backyard and beyond. Snow had just started to fall, giving a fresh coat to the foot or so already on the ground.

Kyle and Sara's nice big back yard backs up to a field, so we headed for the fence gate. 2016 marked Annie and Jim's 30th year of marriage, so we kicked off the session with shots of the two of them (while the others watched from just inside the back door, waiting for the signal it was their turn to bear the snowy weather :)). I love photographing couples for their anniversary. In addition to a more traditional pose, I always like to make them feel young and in love :) Can you believe these youngungs have been married THIRTY years?!

10 Schmitt family 2016 by L. PhotographySchmitt family 2016 by L. PhotographyAnnie and Jim Schmitt

And they have 3 beautiful children (two of whom I play/have played volleyball)...

20 Schmitt family 2016 by L. PhotographySchmitt family 2016 by L. PhotographyRuthie, Sara and Caleb

And a growing family.

31 Schmitt family 2016 by L. PhotographyFairchild family 2016 by L. PhotographySara, Harrison and Kyle Fairchild

This was the perfect way to round out 2016--a white Christmas with my camera in hand!...and then I went home and started a white Christmas with my own family :)

Happy anniversary, Annie and Jim. Thanks Caleb, Sara and Ruthie for gifting this session to your parents. I'm grateful for your business and to have gotten to know you guys on and off the volleyball court. I hope you all enjoyed your white Christmas!

Feel free to email me if you'd like to gift a session to someone special or plan a snow session!  


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Share your smile with a vet today http://www.stressfreelphotography.com/blog/2016/10/share-your-smile-with-a-vet-today

So many L. Photogis ask if I'll ever move back to Iowa. The answer is always no. The gist of it is that my husband works for the VA Hospital and can't imagine being a physical therapist anywhere else. 
Our vets matter and need great care, and my husband is one piece to that puzzle. I jumped at the chance to be another piece to that puzzle by donating a session to a silent auction to raise funds for a 16-day trek up Mount Everest for servicemen and servicewomen. The trek is being done to raise awareness and support for veterans of foreign wars who struggle with reintegration into society, homelessness, PTSD and depression/suicide. 
This is Sara, Carl and their family. They purchased the session, and Carl is a vet who is leading the trek. Shupe family Shupe family Shupe family Shupe family Shupe family

The group leaves this week for the strenuous trek. You can follow their progress at www.facebook.com/trekforvets/
I encourage you all to show your love to a vet today--even if it's just a smile! Sometimes you never know the challenges they're silently facing! #alwaysshareyoursmile
P.S. How darn cute is that dog wearing a bow tie?!

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Gains and Losses Cancer Brings for Brenda http://www.stressfreelphotography.com/blog/2016/8/gains-and-losses-cancer-brings-for-brenda Brenda Furuseth clearly remembers telling her step-dad how jealous she was of his (unintended) weight loss during his cancer treatments. One week after he finished treatment, Brenda was diagnosed with cancer herself…certainly not the journey of loss she had in mind. 

Brenda underwent a double mastectomy. She has also lost her dark shoulder-length hair. 

One thing Brenda has not lost though, is the love and support of her family, and that’s just what I intended to capture during this photo session. 

Brenda and familyBrenda and familyBrenda and family

I met Brenda’s brother Rob through the volleyball community about 5 years ago. We’ve played together a few times but he’s primarily considered my “boss” when I referee at Fitz’s Bar and Grill in Eagan. 

Rob and I have always had a “we’ll help each other out” kind of friendship, so when Rob shared the news of his sister’s diagnosis, I knew I needed to do something to help. Naturally, I offered to photograph Brenda and her family at this point in their lives. 

There is no mistaking that Rob and Brenda are siblings! 

Brenda and RobBrenda and RobBrenda and Rob

And they’ve got great support from their mom and step-mom

Brenda, Rob and their momsBrenda, Rob and their momsBrenda, Rob and their moms

Brenda, now more than half way through her chemo treatments, is rocking a buzz cut like her husband, brother and step-dad.

Brenda with her husband, brother and step-dadBrenda with her husband, brother and step-dadBrenda with her husband, brother and step-dad

Brenda’s 6-year-old daughter isn’t quite so sure about her mom’s hair loss but was willing to share a few forehead kisses. This is just precious, to say the least. 

Brenda's daughter kissing herBrenda's daughter kissing herBrenda's daughter kissing her Brenda and DaughterBrenda and DaughterBrenda and Daughter

Thanks for the opportunity to photograph your family, Brenda. I hope you will always treasure these photos and remember this as a time in your life when you’ve gained more than you’ve lost! All the very best as you finish treatment and live life as a survivor…


lbrownschieffer@gmail.com (L. Photography) Farmington photographer Twin Cities children's photographer Twin Cities photographer family photographer http://www.stressfreelphotography.com/blog/2016/8/gains-and-losses-cancer-brings-for-brenda Thu, 18 Aug 2016 02:06:23 GMT
Justin Proposed to Laura! http://www.stressfreelphotography.com/blog/2016/7/justin-proposed-to-laura Justin and Laura's engagement_next chapter wineryJustin and Laura's engagement_next chapter winery

Justin and I met about one year ago through a local chapter of the national networking and business-development organization, Master Networks. Justin and his parents own and operate Apple Valley Car Clinic in Apple Valley. After having lived in the Twin Cities for going on 10 years, I was pleased to FINALLY find a trusted mechanic! It's awesome to be their customer and friend.

Justin always talked fondly of Laura and that they'd be getting engaged soon. He wasn't quite sure how he'd pop the question, but one thing was sure--he wanted me there to photograph it all. 

The Prep

Justin's mom, Karen, found Next Chapter Winery and thought we had to check it out as a potential proposal location since Justin and Laura like wine and they'd be entering the next chapter of their relationship. They also just so happened to make a "Minnesota Blushing Bride" wine which could be incorporated somehow too. Justin and I went down to New Prague to map out and create the master plan. Everything was beautiful and the manager, Jackie (whose parents own the winery), was so incredibly welcoming and helpful! 

Justin decided to tell Laura that there is a photographer in his networking group who is portfolio building and looking for a couple to model for a practice session (which was perfect since Laura didn't know me and had no idea that I'm long past the portfolio building stage). I played along, even sending a nice email thanking them in advance and giving them details about how to prepare for the session. 

Since one common source of stress related to photo sessions is wardrobe selection, I always invite L. Photogis to send me snapshots of their clothing considerations to get a second opinion. The day of the session, Justin texted me snapshots of Laura wearing two different black dresses. I knew right away which dress would be better and why, but it felt so different providing the recommendation because I WAS DECIDING WHAT LAURA WOULD WEAR WHEN SHE'D GET ENGAGED! As someone who remembers exactly what she was wearing when she got engaged, I didn't take lightly the recommendation for Laura. It's serious business, folks! :)

The Big Day

It was raining the afternoon of the proposal so we moved to our plan B, which was to hold the proposal in the tasting room. Laura walked in wearing her simple black dress I recommended and Justin had the ring in his pocket. The three of us chatted (for what Justin felt like was an eternity) about the supposed terms of the session and I had them fill out the contract. 

I took a couple of test shots of them and then told them that I'd gotten them a little thank you gift for being my models. That was Jackie's cue to deliver a special bottle of wine to Laura. 

Justin and Laura's engagement_proposalJustin and Laura's engagement_proposal

In prep for the proposal, Justin purchased a bottle of Next Chapter's "Minnesota Blushing Bride" wine and wrote on the label "Will You Marry Me? Check Yes or No." Those words were extra special because when Justin and Laura had decided to be more than just long-time friends, Justin handed Laura a note asking her to be his girlfriend and to check yes or no--just like the George Strait country song "Check yes or no." 

She read the bottle first, realized what was happening, admittedly entered a state of shock and then turned around to see Justin down on one knee. 

Justin and Laura's engagement_down on one kneeJustin and Laura's engagement_down on one knee

There was a bachelorette party being held in the tasting room and they all starting hooting and hollering when they realized why there was a photographer there and what Justin was up to. For a minute, I think there were more emotions flowing through the room than there was wine :) Laura said yes and admired the ring Justin had picked out on his own after secretly checking out a Pinterest board Laura had been keeping. 

Justin and Laura's engagement_hugs and kissesJustin and Laura's engagement_hugs and kisses

As if the proposal itself wasn't shocking enough, Laura then learned that both her and Justin's parents had been hiding behind a curtain watching the entire proposal! 

Justin and Laura's engagement_parents watchingJustin and Laura's engagement_parents watching

It was an absolute honor to capture SO MANY hugs, tears, and joy-filled faces. All of them were just beaming with pride!

Justin and Laura's engagement_hugsJustin and Laura's engagement_hugs Justin and Laura's engagement_tears and wine flowedJustin and Laura's engagement_tears and wine flowed Justin and Laura's engagement_prideJustin and Laura's engagement_pride

By the time the proposal was over, the rain had let up so we went outside for a little engagement photo session. 

Justin and Laura's engagement_the ringJustin and Laura's engagement_the ring Justin and Laura's engagement_engagedJustin and Laura's engagement_engaged Justin and Laura's engagement_kissingJustin and Laura's engagement_kissing Justin and Laura's engagement_kissing 2Justin and Laura's engagement_kissing 2 Justin and Laura's engagement_laughingJustin and Laura's engagement_laughing Justin and Laura's engagement_lookingJustin and Laura's engagement_looking Justin and Laura's engagement_treesJustin and Laura's engagement_trees

Once we finished taking the shots Justin and I had planned, we went back in the tasting room where their parents had wine and gifts waiting for them.

Justin and Laura's engagement_giftsJustin and Laura's engagement_gifts

A big thank you goes out to:

  • Jackie for helping this proposal go so smoothly
  • Justin and Laura's parents who helped make the whole experience extra special for them (and for me to witness and photograph)
  • Justin for trusting me to capture this super special day in your and Laura's lives!

Laura--You're going to be one of Minnesota's most beautiful blushing brides!

Justin--I just couldn't be happier for you!

Congratulations to you both and CHEERS to your NEXT CHAPTER!

Justin and Laura's engagement_cheers 2Justin and Laura's engagement_cheers 2 Justin and Laura's engagement_cheersJustin and Laura's engagement_cheers

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Melissa's Unique Portrait Session http://www.stressfreelphotography.com/blog/2016/4/melissas-unique-portrait-session Melissa and I came across one another one Saturday morning after she'd taken a yoga class at Ignite Power Yoga Studio in Dubuque while I was there setting up my pop-up studio. Melissa told me one of the most unique and cool stories about why she wanted to have a portrait session done for herself... 

Melissa was 40, and unmarried with no children. The last professional portraits she'd had taken were her senior pictures 22 years ago. 22 YEARS, folks! She SO deserved to look and feel her very best in front of the camera...and she sure did!

One of her primary goals for the session was to walk away with a book of images she can pack up and take with her to the nursing home in a few decades. She suspects she will find a boyfriend in the nursing home and she would like to show him just how rockin' she looked when she was 40. :)


What an amazing gift for yourself, your future self and your future boyfriend, Melissa! :) Thanks so much for asking me to help you with your special project. I think your 90-something-year-old future boyfriend will really enjoy your photos, and, until you two meet, I hope you and all the other special people in your life will treasure your photos too!



lbrownschieffer@gmail.com (L. Photography) Dubuque photographer Farmington photographer Twin Cities photographer portrait session professional head shots http://www.stressfreelphotography.com/blog/2016/4/melissas-unique-portrait-session Tue, 12 Apr 2016 16:22:35 GMT
More love! http://www.stressfreelphotography.com/blog/2016/2/more-love Happy Valentine's Day to all current and future L. Photogis! I love sharing love with all of you and am ready to share even more :) I've got two bits of news for you and one great gift certificate deal to celebrate Valentine's Day so read on...

Happy Valentine's DayHappy Valentine's Day

In two years of business, I've run across more and more people who love LOTS and LOTS of pictures. So, here are the two bits of great news for you as it relates to that:

1) Now YOU get to select your favorite images from your session.

I widdle things down so you're seeing the best of the best. I enhance those images and then YOU choose the expressions, positions and compositions you love best. If you happen to fall in love with more images than your session includes, those images are available for purchase al a carte. I rolled this out on a trial basis last fall, and people have been LOVING it! And if you fall out of the norm and the sound of that is daunting, I can still narrow them down for you :) You just say the word. 

2) You can now select from one of THREE session types.

The Full and Half Sessions are now complemented by a Premium Session that includes 21 images. Yes, that's right, you can walk away with more evidence of our photo fun :) Check out your new session options for Kids and Families, Newborns and Seniors



To celebrate Valentine's Day and to show you all a little love, any gift certificates purchased between Sunday, Feb. 14 and Wednesday, Feb. 17 will include 2 extra images ($50 value) and an additional $10 print credit. Your gift certificate can be for a specific dollar amount or a certain session. Think ahead to upcoming baby showers, birthdays, anniversaries, Mother's and Father's Day, or even Christmas. People will often times pull together their siblings or friends to purchase a session as a gift. Or maybe you want to grab this deal for yourself for an upcoming session you have in mind--that's great too! Gift certificates have no expiration. So, who do YOU want to share the love with this year?

Email me today with what gift certificate you'd like to purchase. You'll then receive an invoice you can conveniently pay online by Wednesday (or you can send a check postmarked by Wednesday, if you prefer) and I'll send a cute little gift certificate your way so you can share the love. 


Thanks for the love you've shown me, whether it's been through Facebook post likes, sharing a Facebook post, referring friends or family or being an L. Photogi. I'm grateful for YOU! I look forward to sharing more love and photo fun with you in 2016! 

<3 Lindsey

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What's meant to be will always find a way--Gabby's Senior Session http://www.stressfreelphotography.com/blog/2015/11/whats-meant-to-be-will-always-find-a-way--gabby-s-senior-session When Gabby saw senior pictures I'd done for some of her classmates, she knew she had to become an L. Photogi too! She wanted colorful fall leaves in her pictures, so we'd booked her session a little later in the senior photo season.

About a week before her session, she was in a single-vehicle car accident that totaled her car. Luckily Gabby fared much better than the deer, walking away with just bumps, bruises and a concussion, but her need to heal and find and purchase a new car forced her to cancel her senior photo session. We were both pretty bummed. What senior girl doesn't deserve to have a day where it's all about her looking and feeling beautiful, especially just after a car accident?! 

I ended up making an unexpected trip back to the Dubuque area a few weeks later due to a few newborns and a daycare that wanted some shots on a weekday, so Gabby was able to get the session she originally had in mind! And even though most leaves had already fallen off the trees, we found the PERFECT pile of leaves for this beautiful shot...

What's meant to be will always find a way, right?! 

I'm so glad I had the opportunity to help Gabby look and feel like 100 bucks :) You rocked it, girl! I'm so glad this day came to fruition for you!


The night before Gabby's session, I went to a sub-state volleyball match (Go Bobcats!), at which I thought I saw Gabby in the stands. Someone confirmed it was her so I approached her at the front of the student section before the match, introduced myself and said I wanted to touch base with her before we left to chat about some ideas I had. She happily said GREAT! I approached her again after a Bobcat victory and she said, "Do you think I'm Gabby Ploessel, because I'm not." HA! It was totally her look-alike. She and I chatted and laughed about how people mix the two of them up fairly frequently and I enjoyed sharing that little story with Gabby and her mom when I officially met her the next day :) 

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Marking an Uncommon Milestone http://www.stressfreelphotography.com/blog/2015/10/marking-an-uncommon-milestone Most times families call on photographers, their child has reached a milestone--they can sit up by themselves, turn one, turn two, are headed in to their senior year of high school, etc. Kay and Jeff Ernzen called on me to photograph a milestone too, but theirs is a little less common. 

At 46 years young, Jeff is walking again after a motorcycle accident that left him paralyzed for much of the last two years. Congratulations, Jeff!

While no one understands your unique day-to-day struggles and triumphs quite like you guys, I do have to say (as the wife of a physical therapist who works in spinal cord injury rehab), it takes a great care team and a loving, caring and patient family to make the kinds of strides Jeff has made. Awesome work! I was honored to capture your special milestone with a family photo session! There sure is evidence of photo fun! :)




Ernzen3Ernzen3 Ernzen2Ernzen2


Kay and Jeff's oldest son, Dameon, dates my sister Nicky. Aren't they cuuuuuute?! :)

Ernzen5Nicky and Dameon

Many blessings to you all on your continued journey! 


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Make a Difference Day http://www.stressfreelphotography.com/blog/2015/10/make-a-difference-day I had the honor of meeting Sgt. Andrew Connolly one time. Jessie, Jason and Noah Waddell (pictured below) had the pleasure of being his relatives.


In the short time I knew Andrew, I knew him to be funny, handsome, caring, loyal, and very loving to his gal pal Jenny.

Jenny and Andrew's war and love story could really be made into a major box office hit. It goes a little something like this...

Boy meets girl in high school. Boy and girl fall in love. Boy serves country oversees in Egypt. Boy returns home. Boy is deployed to Iraq. Boy returns home. Boy and girl have a beautiful baby with a severe muscular disorder. Boy and girl get married. Boy gets diagnosed with cancer. Boy goes to D.C. to fight for funding for all paralyzed vets. Boy spends his last months of his short 28 years of life blogging to encourage everyone to do small acts of kindness. Boy builds handicapped accessible home. Boy becomes paralyzed. Boy gains angel wings. Boy leaves legacy.

Many activities take place throughout the year to honor the life and legacy of this wonderful Army vet, dad, husband, brother, uncle, neighbor and friend... Earlier this year, loved ones held a fundraiser to support other local veterans or people with paralysis. I donated a photo session to the silent auction and Jessie, Jason and Noah were the winning bidders. I was honored to do this session for them in memory of the great Sgt. Andrew Connolly. 

Today is National Make a Difference Day and "Andrew Connolly Make a Difference Day." I know Andrew would want me to ask you, "What will you do to make a difference today?"

In addition to my photography business, I am a freelance writer. A few years ago, I had the opportunity to write a story for the magazine of Clarke University (where I came to know of Andrew through his gal Jenny who also studied there). You can read more about them in that article. This is another great read about how Andrew made a difference for vets. And, for those of you who don't know Jenny, she is happily remarried and lives with her and Andrew's boy Brody, her hubby Jimmy and their new baby also named Jimmy.  

  WaddellWaddell WaddellWaddell WaddellWaddell WaddellWaddell WaddellWaddell WaddellWaddell WaddellWaddell WaddellWaddell

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Mother's Day--Angel and Earth Babies http://www.stressfreelphotography.com/blog/2015/5/mothers-day--angel-and-earth-babies I want to wish all my L. Photogi moms a very happy Mother's Day! Whether your babies are on Earth or in heaven, enjoy your day--you're special!

I want to wish a VERY happy and special Mother's Day to this new L. Photogi, Daniella Hosch Dupont. She and her little Coy enjoyed a little play time together in front of the camera yesterday while remembering their angel baby, Brecken, who went to heaven just two weeks ago at the young age of 12 days. 

Daniella and CoyDaniella and Coy

Coy brought with her the little Doc McStuffins she'd given her brother, Brecken, when he was in the hospital, and the big sister books she'd been gifted when she became a big sister.

Daniella and CoyDaniella and Coy

Daniella and CoyDaniella and Coy

Daniella and CoyDaniella and Coy Daniella and CoyDaniella and Coy

Daniella also brought with them one of Brecken's baseballs with his little hand print. Talk about a heart-melter! What a precious little gift to have, hold and cherish!  BreckenBrecken

Daniella and I used to play softball together, were in the same 4-H club and went to the same church. Placid, Iowa is where it's at folks ;)...and that's where angel baby Brecken now overlooks the baseball field and the beautiful rolling hills. Rest is peace, sweet baby!

I can't imagine the heartache of losing a little one. So, many of my thoughts today are with Daniella and all of those who are spending their first Mother's Day without one of their angel babies on earth. Hugs and love to you all! 

Your fellow momma,


lbrownschieffer@gmail.com (L. Photography) Apple Valley photographer Dubuque photographer Mom and Me Mini Session Mother's Day Twin Cities photographer children's photographer family photographer photographer http://www.stressfreelphotography.com/blog/2015/5/mothers-day--angel-and-earth-babies Sun, 10 May 2015 18:05:20 GMT
The Love of a Mother http://www.stressfreelphotography.com/blog/2015/5/the-love-of-a-mother I met up with Miss Tatum and her mom, Marti, last weekend for a Mom and Me Mini Session. It was their first professional photo session and there is just something about professional photo rookies that gets me so excited. My heart sings when I get to help people look awesome and it's so fun when they're first-timers. :)

While Tatum and Marti were sitting together, I asked Tatum what her favorite part about her mom is and she said, "She loves me." I asked her how she knew that, and her response was, "Because she cares for me." I think I was hoping for or expecting something more profound from this sweet gal who has made 8 trips around the sun, but then I realized that sometimes there aren't amazing words, or maybe even words at all. It's more a feeling. Tatum just knows. It's in the everyday things her mom does for her that makes Marti's love evident. 

2_Marti and Tatum2_Marti and Tatum 1_Marti and Tatum1_Marti and Tatum

I snapped a few pix of Tatum by herself too, and while I was taking this photo, Marti was looking on and said "Oh Tatum! You are SO beautiful!" Since my eye was in my camera viewfinder, I couldn't see Marti's face, but I could picture it by hearing the sincerity and love in her voice. I wish you all could have heard her. It was beautiful and I could feel the love ;)


Marti and Tatum reminded me of two things:

  1. Sometimes there aren't profound words to describe love--it's just a feeling you get from the way you're treated, and;
  2. When there are words to describe love, you can say them with such heart that even others can feel them! 

Thanks for sharing the moment with me, Marti and Tatum. It was delightful to see and hear. It's great to share these photos with you in return. I'm happy to have you two as L. Photogis! Welcome to the club; it's a fun one!

Happy Mother's Day to Marti, and all L. Photogi mommas!

Marti is an Arbonne consultant. I ordered some hair-care products and body wash from her. I love doing business with those who do business with me :) Happy National Small Business Week!

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