Helping a Family Law Attorney Convey Wisdom, Maturity and Professionalism

March 21, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

I had the pleasure of meeting Amanda Porter of Porter Law Office at a recent networking meeting. She had a little get-together scheduled with a few neighbors and friends to do make-up, hair and head shots in the coming weeks. She had planned to have a friend just snap a few pictures, after her little makeover, but after meeting me, she decided to take her photographs to the next level--I think she'll be pleased she did!

Amanda's make-up was done by her fellow Circle of Connections member, Julie Crouse, Mary Kay Sales Director, and her hair was done by her roommate who is a former stylist. It's all so glamorous yet simple and professional. 

Funny story...I was talking with my hubby about a few L. Photogis for whom I was going to be taking head shots and I'd mentioned I was trading services with one of them. He got the gals mixed up and raised a brow and asked why I was trading services with a family law attorney ;) We all got a good chuckle after I clarified that I was trading services with my wellness coach--NOT the family law attorney.

Amanda received her J.D. from Vanderbilt University. Impressive! ::virtual applause::

Amanda's package includes 3 of these photos. Which do you think best conveys the confidence and trust one must put in a mature and wise lawyer when dealing with very personal and sensitive family issues? Make your recommendations for her in the comments!

Amanda Porter, Porter Law Office

Amanda Porter, Porter Law Office


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