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Jennifer Lintz's Professional Head Shot Session

March 13, 2015  •  2 Comments

It almost hit 70 degrees in the Twin Cities today, so, naturally, a week ago I was battling bumper-to-bumper traffic in tons of snow and slush, just inching my way over to UClick Studios in Chanhassen for a professional head shot session. Jennifer Lintz was the real trooper though! She made her way up from Rochester where she lives and works as a registered dietitian and group fitness instructor at Mayo Clinic. Jennifer is also studying at Mayo to earn her wellness coaching certification. 

When Jennifer put a call out on Facebook for people interested in working with her as she logged the necessary practice hours to earn her certification, I jumped at the chance! This knowledgeable, positive, beautiful woman used to ROCK the pageantry scene with her childhood obesity platform and swimsuits, for pete's sake!! 

I've been working with Jennifer for the last three months to develop lifelong healthy nutrition and exercise habits. Basically Nabisco is really sad their Oreo sales have plummeted and LifeTime Fitness is excited to have yet another member--two things I NEVER thought I'd say. I'm telling you, Jennifer helps turn impossibilities into possibilities.

Jennifer continues to take on wellness clients, and is looking to develop more of a web presence--enter her need for professional head shots. She just so happens to know a professional photographer, and I was delighted that it was my turn to help her! In talking through her personal brand and the message she'd like her photos to convey, our goal became to convey approachability, fitness, happiness and professionalism. I think she knocked it out of the park...or should I say the studio?... 

Either way, here is some evidence of our snow-day photo fun:  

smiling caucasian brunetteJenniferSomething about this one just screams ABC's The Bachelor/The Bachelorette. Maybe it's the simple blue background which is reminescent of the background of those head shots, or maybe it's because if Jennifer was single, she could BE ABC's The Bachelorette! (Good catch, Justin) As long as I'm on the subject... #teambritt

Jennifer Lintz 2_Jennifer2_Jennifer 4_Jenniferw4_Jenniferw


I've been connected to Jennifer since we were fellow woodwind instrument players in the Western Dubuque High School band. So we're fellow former Dubuque County residents rockin' life in Minnesota now. 

Jennifer- Thanks for all your awesome knowledge, guidance and encouragement! I hope your photos serve you well. Cheers (with water, of course)! 


Karen Costa-Tappon(non-registered)
I am a former neighbor of Jennifer's when she lived in Rochester. She is missed, as are Jewels & jagger.
Aunt Judy Bloomingdale-Vinke(non-registered)
These photos are beautiful and speak volumes about Jennifer's personality....fun, genuine, knowledgeable, joyful, loving and confident. We love her dearly!
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