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Some BUNNY is going to be a big brother!

April 06, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

I was absolutely delighted when a loyal L. Photogi, Angie, contacted me with top-secret information that she and her husband are expecting. She'd seen my Spring Mini Session promotion announcing that kids would have the chance to have their photos taken with LIVE bunnies, so she was hoping I could photograph their son, Philip, and help create a custom pregnancy announcement using the photos. Being the pun-lover I am, I knew right away that the announcement needed to say "Some BUNNY is going to be a big brother." Ang fell in love with the idea so I reached out to my former colleague and graphic designer, Gayle Langel, and we set to work.

Angie's 2-year-old son, Farmer Phil, has LOTS of experience with animals, so I knew he'd be great with the bunnies and just be tickled by the idea of that kind of photo fun. He sure was...and here's a little proof. Can you tell he was tickled? (Yes, pun intended. lol. Told you I'm a pun lover.)

5_square_Philip Easter

Gayle and I edited Angie's photos, created the design and coordinated printing and delivery just in time for her and her hubby Kevin to hand out cards at Easter the following weekend. What a super cool time for these Catholics to share news of more new life! 

Upon receiving this card, some family members jumped right in to conversing about Will Koopmann's bunnies before even reading the text and realizing the purpose of the card. I guess word about bunny fun travels fast in small town. 

Philip's announcementPhilip's announcement

Angie and I got to know each other in high school when we twirled flag together in the WDHS marching band. We wore tight red squin tops with super flowy black pants. 

When I was doing Christmas Mini Sessions this past Christmas, another L. Photogi came for photos they were using for a pregnancy announcement. I was so excited that I had to tell my bestie, my sister Nicky, that SOMEONE was coming for this reason, but I couldn't tell her who. She guessed it was Angie, Kevin and Philip because she remembered me telling her recently that they'd booked a session (they had...but it wasn't until January when Philip was turning 2). So, Nicky went on for a few weeks ABSOLUTELY convinced that Angie and Kevin were expecting, only to find out that it was our cousin Megan. So now, Angie and Kevin really ARE pregnant and really DID come to me to get help with sharing the big news. :) Hopefully more than just Nicky and I find this a bit funny ;)

Congratulations, Ang, Kevin and Philip Zalaznik! I can't wait to photograph you as a family of 4!

Come back and visit my blog later this week, because I have MORE amazing news of new life and photo fun I got to be part of over Easter weekend. Make it a great week!

<3 Lindsey
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