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Mother's Day--Angel and Earth Babies

May 10, 2015  •  6 Comments

I want to wish all my L. Photogi moms a very happy Mother's Day! Whether your babies are on Earth or in heaven, enjoy your day--you're special!

I want to wish a VERY happy and special Mother's Day to this new L. Photogi, Daniella Hosch Dupont. She and her little Coy enjoyed a little play time together in front of the camera yesterday while remembering their angel baby, Brecken, who went to heaven just two weeks ago at the young age of 12 days. 

Daniella and CoyDaniella and Coy

Coy brought with her the little Doc McStuffins she'd given her brother, Brecken, when he was in the hospital, and the big sister books she'd been gifted when she became a big sister.

Daniella and CoyDaniella and Coy

Daniella and CoyDaniella and Coy

Daniella and CoyDaniella and Coy Daniella and CoyDaniella and Coy

Daniella also brought with them one of Brecken's baseballs with his little hand print. Talk about a heart-melter! What a precious little gift to have, hold and cherish!  BreckenBrecken

Daniella and I used to play softball together, were in the same 4-H club and went to the same church. Placid, Iowa is where it's at folks ;)...and that's where angel baby Brecken now overlooks the baseball field and the beautiful rolling hills. Rest is peace, sweet baby!

I can't imagine the heartache of losing a little one. So, many of my thoughts today are with Daniella and all of those who are spending their first Mother's Day without one of their angel babies on earth. Hugs and love to you all! 

Your fellow momma,



Laura Kennedy(non-registered)
rachel bradley(non-registered)
Love this!!! U did an amazing job!
Teri Collins(non-registered)
What amazing photos and tribute to Mom with Coy and Brecken...and what a truly special friend!
Bobbie Kramer(non-registered)
Lindsey this is amazing!!! You are truly gifted and have a beautiful heart !!!! And your right, Daniella is a strong and beautiful person inside and out!!!
Daniella Hosch-Dupont(non-registered)
Oh my! I'm in love. Thank you so much for capturing these beautiful moments. This is just what I need as I am missing my sweet baby Brecken. I'll cherish these forever. As I said before I was nervous to do it . I didn't want it to be weird without him, but you did a great job adding his little touch. You definitely have a way with words as well and maybe that's another reason I feel so great about these! Thank you so much for the fun play date, beautiful images and kind words. Happy Mothers Day to you my friend.
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