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The Love of a Mother

May 07, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

I met up with Miss Tatum and her mom, Marti, last weekend for a Mom and Me Mini Session. It was their first professional photo session and there is just something about professional photo rookies that gets me so excited. My heart sings when I get to help people look awesome and it's so fun when they're first-timers. :)

While Tatum and Marti were sitting together, I asked Tatum what her favorite part about her mom is and she said, "She loves me." I asked her how she knew that, and her response was, "Because she cares for me." I think I was hoping for or expecting something more profound from this sweet gal who has made 8 trips around the sun, but then I realized that sometimes there aren't amazing words, or maybe even words at all. It's more a feeling. Tatum just knows. It's in the everyday things her mom does for her that makes Marti's love evident. 

2_Marti and Tatum2_Marti and Tatum 1_Marti and Tatum1_Marti and Tatum

I snapped a few pix of Tatum by herself too, and while I was taking this photo, Marti was looking on and said "Oh Tatum! You are SO beautiful!" Since my eye was in my camera viewfinder, I couldn't see Marti's face, but I could picture it by hearing the sincerity and love in her voice. I wish you all could have heard her. It was beautiful and I could feel the love ;)


Marti and Tatum reminded me of two things:

  1. Sometimes there aren't profound words to describe love--it's just a feeling you get from the way you're treated, and;
  2. When there are words to describe love, you can say them with such heart that even others can feel them! 

Thanks for sharing the moment with me, Marti and Tatum. It was delightful to see and hear. It's great to share these photos with you in return. I'm happy to have you two as L. Photogis! Welcome to the club; it's a fun one!

Happy Mother's Day to Marti, and all L. Photogi mommas!

Marti is an Arbonne consultant. I ordered some hair-care products and body wash from her. I love doing business with those who do business with me :) Happy National Small Business Week!


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