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Share your smile with a vet today

October 25, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

So many L. Photogis ask if I'll ever move back to Iowa. The answer is always no. The gist of it is that my husband works for the VA Hospital and can't imagine being a physical therapist anywhere else. 
Our vets matter and need great care, and my husband is one piece to that puzzle. I jumped at the chance to be another piece to that puzzle by donating a session to a silent auction to raise funds for a 16-day trek up Mount Everest for servicemen and servicewomen. The trek is being done to raise awareness and support for veterans of foreign wars who struggle with reintegration into society, homelessness, PTSD and depression/suicide. 
This is Sara, Carl and their family. They purchased the session, and Carl is a vet who is leading the trek. Shupe family Shupe family Shupe family Shupe family Shupe family

The group leaves this week for the strenuous trek. You can follow their progress at www.facebook.com/trekforvets/
I encourage you all to show your love to a vet today--even if it's just a smile! Sometimes you never know the challenges they're silently facing! #alwaysshareyoursmile
P.S. How darn cute is that dog wearing a bow tie?!


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