L. Photography | A White Christmas--The Schmitt Family Photo Session

A White Christmas--The Schmitt Family Photo Session

December 31, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

25 Schmitt family 2016 by L. PhotographySchmitt family 2016 by L. PhotographyThe Schmitt/Fairchild Family

I'd arrived at Sara, Kyle and Harrison's house in Savage where Sara's family was gathered for their family Christmas and photo session. I'd prepared for an indoor session since not many people jump at the chance to hang out outside in Minnesota without coats on at the end of December, and I usually spend November-April doing studio sessions.

I walked in to the beautifully decorated home with tall ceilings, big windows, the warm glow of the Christmas tree lights, and the gorgeous family gathered around the food-filled kitchen island. The photos were bound to be beautiful! And then they said they wanted to go outside!

I wasn't sure which was more beautiful--the inside of the house or the backyard and beyond. Snow had just started to fall, giving a fresh coat to the foot or so already on the ground.

Kyle and Sara's nice big back yard backs up to a field, so we headed for the fence gate. 2016 marked Annie and Jim's 30th year of marriage, so we kicked off the session with shots of the two of them (while the others watched from just inside the back door, waiting for the signal it was their turn to bear the snowy weather :)). I love photographing couples for their anniversary. In addition to a more traditional pose, I always like to make them feel young and in love :) Can you believe these youngungs have been married THIRTY years?!

10 Schmitt family 2016 by L. PhotographySchmitt family 2016 by L. PhotographyAnnie and Jim Schmitt

And they have 3 beautiful children (two of whom I play/have played volleyball)...

20 Schmitt family 2016 by L. PhotographySchmitt family 2016 by L. PhotographyRuthie, Sara and Caleb

And a growing family.

31 Schmitt family 2016 by L. PhotographyFairchild family 2016 by L. PhotographySara, Harrison and Kyle Fairchild

This was the perfect way to round out 2016--a white Christmas with my camera in hand!...and then I went home and started a white Christmas with my own family :)

Happy anniversary, Annie and Jim. Thanks Caleb, Sara and Ruthie for gifting this session to your parents. I'm grateful for your business and to have gotten to know you guys on and off the volleyball court. I hope you all enjoyed your white Christmas!

Feel free to email me if you'd like to gift a session to someone special or plan a snow session!  



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