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Justin Proposed to Laura!

July 01, 2016  •  5 Comments

Justin and Laura's engagement_next chapter wineryJustin and Laura's engagement_next chapter winery

Justin and I met about one year ago through a local chapter of the national networking and business-development organization, Master Networks. Justin and his parents own and operate Apple Valley Car Clinic in Apple Valley. After having lived in the Twin Cities for going on 10 years, I was pleased to FINALLY find a trusted mechanic! It's awesome to be their customer and friend.

Justin always talked fondly of Laura and that they'd be getting engaged soon. He wasn't quite sure how he'd pop the question, but one thing was sure--he wanted me there to photograph it all. 

The Prep

Justin's mom, Karen, found Next Chapter Winery and thought we had to check it out as a potential proposal location since Justin and Laura like wine and they'd be entering the next chapter of their relationship. They also just so happened to make a "Minnesota Blushing Bride" wine which could be incorporated somehow too. Justin and I went down to New Prague to map out and create the master plan. Everything was beautiful and the manager, Jackie (whose parents own the winery), was so incredibly welcoming and helpful! 

Justin decided to tell Laura that there is a photographer in his networking group who is portfolio building and looking for a couple to model for a practice session (which was perfect since Laura didn't know me and had no idea that I'm long past the portfolio building stage). I played along, even sending a nice email thanking them in advance and giving them details about how to prepare for the session. 

Since one common source of stress related to photo sessions is wardrobe selection, I always invite L. Photogis to send me snapshots of their clothing considerations to get a second opinion. The day of the session, Justin texted me snapshots of Laura wearing two different black dresses. I knew right away which dress would be better and why, but it felt so different providing the recommendation because I WAS DECIDING WHAT LAURA WOULD WEAR WHEN SHE'D GET ENGAGED! As someone who remembers exactly what she was wearing when she got engaged, I didn't take lightly the recommendation for Laura. It's serious business, folks! :)

The Big Day

It was raining the afternoon of the proposal so we moved to our plan B, which was to hold the proposal in the tasting room. Laura walked in wearing her simple black dress I recommended and Justin had the ring in his pocket. The three of us chatted (for what Justin felt like was an eternity) about the supposed terms of the session and I had them fill out the contract. 

I took a couple of test shots of them and then told them that I'd gotten them a little thank you gift for being my models. That was Jackie's cue to deliver a special bottle of wine to Laura. 

Justin and Laura's engagement_proposalJustin and Laura's engagement_proposal

In prep for the proposal, Justin purchased a bottle of Next Chapter's "Minnesota Blushing Bride" wine and wrote on the label "Will You Marry Me? Check Yes or No." Those words were extra special because when Justin and Laura had decided to be more than just long-time friends, Justin handed Laura a note asking her to be his girlfriend and to check yes or no--just like the George Strait country song "Check yes or no." 

She read the bottle first, realized what was happening, admittedly entered a state of shock and then turned around to see Justin down on one knee. 

Justin and Laura's engagement_down on one kneeJustin and Laura's engagement_down on one knee

There was a bachelorette party being held in the tasting room and they all starting hooting and hollering when they realized why there was a photographer there and what Justin was up to. For a minute, I think there were more emotions flowing through the room than there was wine :) Laura said yes and admired the ring Justin had picked out on his own after secretly checking out a Pinterest board Laura had been keeping. 

Justin and Laura's engagement_hugs and kissesJustin and Laura's engagement_hugs and kisses

As if the proposal itself wasn't shocking enough, Laura then learned that both her and Justin's parents had been hiding behind a curtain watching the entire proposal! 

Justin and Laura's engagement_parents watchingJustin and Laura's engagement_parents watching

It was an absolute honor to capture SO MANY hugs, tears, and joy-filled faces. All of them were just beaming with pride!

Justin and Laura's engagement_hugsJustin and Laura's engagement_hugs Justin and Laura's engagement_tears and wine flowedJustin and Laura's engagement_tears and wine flowed Justin and Laura's engagement_prideJustin and Laura's engagement_pride

By the time the proposal was over, the rain had let up so we went outside for a little engagement photo session. 

Justin and Laura's engagement_the ringJustin and Laura's engagement_the ring Justin and Laura's engagement_engagedJustin and Laura's engagement_engaged Justin and Laura's engagement_kissingJustin and Laura's engagement_kissing Justin and Laura's engagement_kissing 2Justin and Laura's engagement_kissing 2 Justin and Laura's engagement_laughingJustin and Laura's engagement_laughing Justin and Laura's engagement_lookingJustin and Laura's engagement_looking Justin and Laura's engagement_treesJustin and Laura's engagement_trees

Once we finished taking the shots Justin and I had planned, we went back in the tasting room where their parents had wine and gifts waiting for them.

Justin and Laura's engagement_giftsJustin and Laura's engagement_gifts

A big thank you goes out to:

  • Jackie for helping this proposal go so smoothly
  • Justin and Laura's parents who helped make the whole experience extra special for them (and for me to witness and photograph)
  • Justin for trusting me to capture this super special day in your and Laura's lives!

Laura--You're going to be one of Minnesota's most beautiful blushing brides!

Justin--I just couldn't be happier for you!

Congratulations to you both and CHEERS to your NEXT CHAPTER!

Justin and Laura's engagement_cheers 2Justin and Laura's engagement_cheers 2 Justin and Laura's engagement_cheersJustin and Laura's engagement_cheers


L. Photography
I'm so glad family and friends from near and far were able to enjoy this moment through the photos and story on the blog. You all are lucky to have Justin and Laura in your lives!
Sherry Yoder(non-registered)
Lindsey, this is great! I'm Laura's aunt (her dad is my younger brother) and I live in China, so I'm thrilled that I can see the whole story on your blog. I'm so excited for them and fortunately will be home next summer for their wedding!
Nana & Papa Hemeon(non-registered)
Thank you so much for sharing the beautiful story of our grandson and Laura. We are so happy to include her into our family. They are both a gift ! Their story left us in tears (happy ones) by your amazing presentation of their day that was so special to us all..
Love to you all.
Cheryl and Stan Carter(non-registered)
Thank you for sharing the photos and story of this special day with us here in Boston. We got to meet Laura on her visit to New England the following week and know that she is the perfect soul mate for Justin, our Grand nephew. Congratulations to you both. We look forward to sharing in your next celebration. Love You
Karen Torseth(non-registered)
Crying all over again!!! Thank you again so much for making the day so extra special!
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