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Gains and Losses Cancer Brings for Brenda

August 17, 2016  •  2 Comments

Brenda Furuseth clearly remembers telling her step-dad how jealous she was of his (unintended) weight loss during his cancer treatments. One week after he finished treatment, Brenda was diagnosed with cancer herself…certainly not the journey of loss she had in mind. 

Brenda underwent a double mastectomy. She has also lost her dark shoulder-length hair. 

One thing Brenda has not lost though, is the love and support of her family, and that’s just what I intended to capture during this photo session. 

Brenda and familyBrenda and familyBrenda and family

I met Brenda’s brother Rob through the volleyball community about 5 years ago. We’ve played together a few times but he’s primarily considered my “boss” when I referee at Fitz’s Bar and Grill in Eagan. 

Rob and I have always had a “we’ll help each other out” kind of friendship, so when Rob shared the news of his sister’s diagnosis, I knew I needed to do something to help. Naturally, I offered to photograph Brenda and her family at this point in their lives. 

There is no mistaking that Rob and Brenda are siblings! 

Brenda and RobBrenda and RobBrenda and Rob

And they’ve got great support from their mom and step-mom

Brenda, Rob and their momsBrenda, Rob and their momsBrenda, Rob and their moms

Brenda, now more than half way through her chemo treatments, is rocking a buzz cut like her husband, brother and step-dad.

Brenda with her husband, brother and step-dadBrenda with her husband, brother and step-dadBrenda with her husband, brother and step-dad

Brenda’s 6-year-old daughter isn’t quite so sure about her mom’s hair loss but was willing to share a few forehead kisses. This is just precious, to say the least. 

Brenda's daughter kissing herBrenda's daughter kissing herBrenda's daughter kissing her Brenda and DaughterBrenda and DaughterBrenda and Daughter

Thanks for the opportunity to photograph your family, Brenda. I hope you will always treasure these photos and remember this as a time in your life when you’ve gained more than you’ve lost! All the very best as you finish treatment and live life as a survivor…



Stephanie Pond(non-registered)
Beautiful and inspiring Brenda. You are so loved!
Kelly Allord(non-registered)
These are beautiful photos of a beautiful family!! Love you all!!
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